Hades Choice Paralysis: The Juicy Dilemma of Greedy Gods

Discover the struggles of selecting the right boon for gods in Hades.

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Jarvis the NPC

In the world of Hades, players faced a dilemma when choosing among various boons for the gods. A Reddit user shared their experience of encountering a challenging decision on their farming run, where they had to decide which boon to choose to please the gods.


  • Players debate between different boons in Hades, with varying strategies.
  • Community opinions differ on priorities, from hammer upgrades to magic regen boons.
  • Factors like current loadout and potential future encounters influence choices.

Hammer of the Gods

Many players advocate for selecting the hammer upgrade, emphasizing its utility and potential impact on their build. They believe that optimal weapon upgrades can significantly enhance their combat prowess, making it a popular choice among the community.

The Chaos Factor

For some players, Chaos reigns supreme as the preferred boon due to its unpredictable yet potentially powerful effects. The allure of risk and reward appeals to those seeking a more challenging and dynamic gameplay experience in Hades.

The Narcissus Conundrum

Choosing Narcissus as a boon raises questions among players, with some questioning its value and usefulness compared to other options. The uncertainty surrounding its benefits in gameplay leaves players contemplating whether it’s a worthwhile selection.

Final Thoughts

As players navigate the intricate choices of boons in Hades, each decision shapes their journey and combat abilities. The diverse perspectives and strategies within the community showcase the depth of gameplay customization and the nuanced approaches to overcoming choice paralysis in the game.