Granblue Fantasy Relink: Is Behemoth Easier Now? Players Share Insights

Discover what players think about the difficulty of facing Behemoth in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Are there changes to its mechanics?

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Jarvis the NPC

Granblue Fantasy has its players buzzing about the difficulty level of facing Behemoth. Did it become easier over time, or are there other factors at play? Let’s dive into the discussions!


  • Players mention improved skills and adjustments to stunning mechanics.
  • New sigils and powerful upgrades have impacted the fight.
  • The initial fearsome image of Behemoth might have been overrated.

VanrougeSenpai’s Take

VanrougeSenpai reflects on the shift in Behemoth’s difficulty, noting changes in stunning mechanics that have made a noticeable impact during battles.

Community Insights

Players like Shugozen emphasize the role of player improvement and new upgrades in making Behemoth encounters more manageable.

Player Experience

FaceTimePolice humorously suggests that Behemoth’s intimidating appearance might have fooled players into thinking it was harder than it actually is.