Gaming News: Stormgate – Official Opening Cinematic Divides Gamers on Reddit

Check out why the opening cinematic for Stormgate has gamers on Reddit split on their opinions!

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Get ready for a whirlwind of emotions as we dive into the Reddit post discussing the opening cinematic of Stormgate!


  • Some find Stormgate’s aesthetic generic
  • Concerns about the game’s budget allocation for cinematics
  • RTS gamers lament the decline of storytelling in the genre
  • Skepticism about the modern market supporting traditional RTS games

Split Aesthetics

One Redditor expressed a desire to care for Stormgate due to their past with Warcraft RTS, but found the game’s aesthetic too generic for their liking.

Budget Woes

Another user questioned why a game struggling with budget would invest heavily in a cinematic that came off as generic and lacking substance.

RTS Narrative Loss

A user shared their disappointment in the dwindling narrative aspect of RTS games, fearing the loss of storytelling in the genre as RTS games focus more on competition.

Gameplay Shifts

Some gamers are skeptical whether modern audiences are patient enough for traditional RTS games like Stormgate, with comparisons to MOBAs and concerns about learning curves and skill floors.

One Reddit user expressed a desire for RTS games to focus on being fun rather than immediately diving into competitive scenes, advocating for a return to enjoyable single-player experiences.