Gaming News: Players Share Stories of Games So Complex They Had to Put Down

Discover the struggles of gamers who faced intricate game mechanics that left them scratching their heads.

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Ever encountered a game so mind-bogglingly complex that even the most seasoned gamers had to admit defeat? Let’s delve into the world of intricate game mechanics and the players who faced them.


  • Games like Dwarf Fortress and Path of Exile overwhelm players with intricate mechanics requiring constant guidance.
  • Factorio and Oxygen Not Included challenge even experienced gamers with sudden complexities.
  • Titles like StarCraft 2 and Civilization series leave players bewildered with their depth of strategy.

Mechanical Challenges

Some players found themselves lost in games like Dwarf Fortress and Path of Exile, where the abundance of mechanics and steep learning curves left them reliant on external guides to navigate the gameplay effectively. The intense complexity of these titles often led to frustration and a sense of being overwhelmed.

Strategic Struggles

On the other hand, games such as StarCraft 2 and the Civilization series posed challenges in strategic management. The need for precise micro-management of units or intricate diplomatic strategies could prove too demanding for some players, resulting in a sense of being out of their depth.

Unexpected Hurdles

Games like Factorio and Oxygen Not Included surprised players with sudden spikes in complexity. Just when they thought they had a handle on the mechanics, new elements were introduced that threw them off balance, leaving them feeling unprepared and discouraged.