Fracture: Valorant Map Guide

Can't decide which side to attack? Well, you can split up and attack both sides on Fracture. Learn more about it in our Valorant map guide.

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Valorant Fracture: Key Takeaways

  • Fracture was released on September 8, 2021.
  • It’s located in New Mexico, USA.
  • Fracture’s main gimmicks are its one-way ziplines and automatic doors.

Fracture is one of Valorant’s most unique maps. This makes it hard to play on, which is why it was so disliked during its initial release. However, as time went on, the community started to understand how to play Fracture.

Don’t get left behind. Use our Fracture Valorant map guide to learn more.

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Fracture Overview

Fracture Callouts
Image via Riot Games.

Fracture is a map released on September 8, 2021, alongside the launch of Episode 3, Act 2. It’s based in Santa Fe County, New Mexico, USA, and features a top-secret research facility eaten up by an experiment gone wrong.

Unlike most map layouts, Fracture has the defenders starting on in the middle of the map. There are also two sides to every site, which the players can go to via a long zipline found in the middle. The map also has the most ultimate orbs in the entirety of Valorant, with a total of four.

Common Attacking Strategies

The best way to attack on Fracture is by making use of multiple sides. This means that you should split up and attack a site from all cylinders. There’s no middle area on the map, so attacking from opposite sides is your best bet at overwhelming the defenders and getting into the site for free.

Using your utility to gather early information and baiting out their skills is a great way if you want a more tactical approach. You could also push together before splitting up. On A site, you could split up between main and sands, and on B, you could split up between arcade and tower.

Common Defending Strategies

As defenders, your best bet is to split up between the two sites. There are a total of four main entrances that you’ll have to watch; this makes it quite difficult for everyone to have a position. 

On the A site, some common places to play are on top of site, the site itself, sands, rope, drop, and dish. Over on the B site, the common areas are B main, canteen, generator, tower, and arcade. You can also flank and push one side of the map as a way to turn on attackers. Flanking is one of the most effective strategies that defenders can use on the map.

Best Agents on Fracture

A photo of the Best Agents on Fracture
Image via Riot Games

Here are five of the Agents we recommend that you try out.


Breach is the king of Fracture. The map is covered in walls, surfaces, and structures that Breach can use his abilities on. His Fault Line and Flashpoint are extremely valuable tools that can easily take his team to the site. His Rolling Thunder also completely covers either site, making it a great attacking or retaking tool.


Viper is pretty much a staple in most large maps, which is why it shouldn’t be surprising to see her on the list. Her Toxic Screen provides an insane amount of cover, helping players from both sides. Harbor is also a really good alternative if you prefer a more aggressive playstyle.


Gekko’s Wingman ability is perfect for a map like Fracture. He can easily deploy Wingman and plant the Spike from a mile away, back it up with a few abilities, and you’ve got yourself a free plant. His Trash is also extremely useful, allowing him to counter any type of rush the enemies might attempt.


Do you know what makes defending four possible entrances easier? Killjoy. Killjoy is a great Agent on this map because of the various setups that she can pull off. This not only frees an extra member of your team but also deals some damage to enemies in the process. Her Lockdown ultimate is also insanely strong over on the B site. Just place it underneath the site, and it becomes nearly impossible to destroy.


Finally, we have Jett. Any map with long sight lines will instantly be an Op map. Fracture offers a ton of Op angles that Jett can easily take advantage of. However, that’s not the only thing that makes her great. She can also use Tailwind on the attacking site to easily break defenses, especially if you have a great Breach player to back you up.