Fortnite Players Share Opinions on Deku Smash: Excitement and Backlash

Fortnite players voice their opinions on the controversial Deku Smash in game. Mixed sentiments fill the reddit post comments.

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From superheroes and movie villains to music concerts and sports events, Fortnite has transformed into a dynamic hub where the realms of video games and popular culture collide in spectacular fashion. Often these collaborations take the form of cosmetic skins available in the shop, but they can also crossover into the gameplay, such as Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet or Spider-Man’s Web Shooters

Reddit users have been vocal about their feelings towards the current season of Fortnite, specifically addressing the inclusion of Deku Smash, part of Fortnite’s current collaboration with hit anime My Hero Academia. Starting with a post by user Little_Timmy_is_Back, players discussed the pros and cons of the recent game change.


  • Players praised the balance and fairness of the season prior to the addition of Deku Smash.
  • Criticism is mainly focused on the disruption of balance caused by Deku Smash.
  • Divergent views exist, with some players finding ways to counter the disrupting power.

The Debate

Reddit users, like SpectralHydra and 64BitDragon, by hinting at past experiences, paint the addition of Deku Smash as repetitive. Outrageous-Quail7129 and Fortnitesworstsniper associate the usual game meta with enjoyment, thus expressing disappointment over the new change.

Countering the Power

nawwdawgg offers useful tips to counter the power, proving that though the addition is disruptive, it is not undefeatable. The user suggested using weaponry such as legendary sniper with scope perks and impulse grenades to counter users utilising Deku Smash.

Looking Forward

64BitDragon and N0t_the_pizza_guy anticipate the phasing out of Deku Smash in the next update, and a possible return of lightsabers, respectively. This illustrates the acceptance and adaptability of Fortnite players despite sudden changes.

Given the disparate opinions, it’s clear that the effect of Deku Smash on the Fortnite metagame is complex. Reddit users offer a wealth of knowledge, strategies, and sentiments, showing the multifaceted nature of the game and its ever-evolving mechanics.