Exploring Season 4 PTR Known Issues in Diablo 4 – What to Expect

Join the Diablo 4 PTR adventure as players navigate through known issues. Check out what the community has to say!

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Season 4 of Diablo 4 PTR is here, and players are diving into the known issues and what to expect. From bugs to unexpected occurrences, the community has a lot to discuss.


  • Players find humor in bugs affecting gameplay mechanics.
  • Community embraces PTR flaws as part of the testing process.
  • Players appreciate the effort of identifying and rectifying issues.
  • Unexpected bugs spark curiosity and amusement among players.

Exploring Bugs and Feedback

One player highlighted the amusing nature of bugs, noting, “Some Tempered Affixes with cooldown reduction statistics decrease backward…”

Testing Mindset

Community members express understanding towards PTR bugs, emphasizing the importance of rigorous testing for a smooth public release.

Community Reception

Players perceive the long list of issues as a sign of diligent testing, with one player joking about a button’s misunderstanding of its task.

Curiosity and Engagement

Players express intrigue and humor over bizarre bugs like reducing a return time below zero, fostering a sense of exploration and experimentation.

Some players are already anticipating the fun in testing the limits of the game’s mechanics.