Diablo Players Debate Future Expansions and the Impact on Story Progression

A deep-dive into the concerns of Diablo fans about future expansions impacting the game's storytelling.

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In the world of gaming, expansions or DLC (Downloadable Content) are commonly used to extend the life and content of a game after its initial release. Earlier this month Blizzard announced they would be releasing yearly expansions for Diablo 4, to go along with the new Season updates every few months.

The recent discussion on the subreddit r/diablo4, initiated by reddit user Annbom, revolves heavily around the future of ‘Diablo’ storytelling within the framework of game expansions. The post explores player concerns over price points and potential discontinuity in the unfolding saga.


  • Players express concerns over expansion costs and effects on story immersion.
  • A mixed sentiment towards game expansions – some value story, others value game system enhancements.
  • Discussion around the pace of storytelling and the potential of cliff-hanger endings.

User Opinions

Reddit user _Cromwell_ questioned the speculated price of the expansions. Meanwhile, oldsoulseven expressed an indifference towards story, focusing more on value in terms of gameplay enhancements and additions. A contrasting sentiment was conveyed by rogomatic, who complimented the storytelling and cinematics of the game.

Gaming Experience

A broader criticism came from childosx, who expressed a lack of enthusiasm towards the game due to missing content and a perceived lack of excitement in gameplay – a sentiment that was echoed by hear_the_thunder. Both found the current requirement of leveling up in seasons to be a potential disincentive for further engagement.

Expansion Concerns

Kanox89 brought up the issue of content split between seasons and expansions, and concerns about the potential adverse effect on overall game quality. This discussion suggests that while game expansions can bring new content and excitement, if not handled carefully, they could also introduce fragmentation and discontent among the player base.

Through the diverse concerns and opinions expressed here, it’s clear that Diablo’s community is engaged and invested in the future of the franchise. Balancing price, content, story progression, and game enhancements will be an ongoing challenge and one that will significantly shape the experience and satisfaction of players.