In League of Legends there are ‘hidden’ hotkeys that can advance your gameplay by making actions much easier or more consistent to perform. 


In League of Legends it is crucial to remove all slow actions such as specifically clicking with the mouse to level up spells. So you want to make sure everything you do in a game has a hotkey assigned to it that is easy for you to use.

Hotkeys are crucial for making certain actions quicker or remove the need for quick and precise mouse movements. Any player can improve their gameplay by incorporating some of the hotkeys that are hidden away in Leagues keybinding menu. These are some of  the most useful ones.

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Attack Move Click

This hotkey reduces the original attack move + rightclick to just one button. This helps remove accidental A-clicks when you are trying to click normally or vice versa as they are now on two different buttons. It comes down to personal preferences and what you are used to, there is just less room for mistakes with attack move click keybound.

Attack Only Champions

This keybinding forces your right clicks to only work on champions. This is something everyone should use no matter how confident you are in your precise clicking or how much aim trainer you have played.

There are certain scenarios where you need it to be able to target an enemy at all, for example when characters are physically behind a turret. This hotkey is also incredibly useful to make sure you do not misclick, especially for targeted abilities like stun card on Twisted Fate. You can implement this hotkey as a toggle or hold depending on your preferences.  

F-keys/Select Allies

The infamous f-keys. So named for their original keybind namesake of F1-F5, this setting allows you to instantly pan the camera centered on a teammate or yourself. This is a much faster and easier way of gaining information about your teams than specifically clicking on the minimap to check the different lanes or status of the jungler.

F-keys become especially useful if you want to check all the lane states quickly, but this is perhaps only useful to those who know what to do with that information. For most, using the minimap is sufficient. 

Level up ability

It is crucial to have this keybound. Typically this is setup through one of the modifiers of ctrl/shift/alt + Q/W/E/R. This is particularly crucial at early levels, having to click with the mouse on the little icon when you are hooking in with Nautilus for a lvl 2 engage is not easy.

Screenshot via Riot Games

Quick cast/quick cast with indicator

These hotkeys largely come down to preferences, but it’s worth experimenting with to see what feels best. Quick cast instantly casts a spell at the hotkey click without requiring the mouse click and without showing the spell indicator.

Quick cast with indicators shows the indicator when you cast it and if you hold down the key, but similarly does not require a mouse click. It is something in between normal and quick cast, perfect for some, wonky for others.

Overall, quick cast is more optimal theoretically due to just requiring one button press similar to attack move, but it’s entirely negligible if you are practiced at key + click. Even some of the greatest players have been caught using just normal cast.


Self-cast is incredibly useful on certain abilities like Kayle ult, Lee Sin shield, as your mouse is typically situated near the opponent’s character and may be difficult to quickly execute a click on your own character. Eliminating this need of precise mouse clicks is very useful.

There is a self + quick cast keybind option which will always cast the spell on you if you don’t hover another target. But this can be a bit problematic on characters like Lulu or Lee Sin unless you are very assured about your mouse precision.

Key Takeaways about Crucial League Hotkeys

  • You want to keybind everything you do
  • Use keybindings that are intuitive for you
  • Certain actions can be made easier by hotkeys that are hidden away in the menu
  • You can minimize the need for precise mouse clicks or extra clicks with hotkeys
  • In the end it all comes down to preferences, even suboptimal setups can be worked around

Lane manipulation is one of the crucial mechanics in League of Legends, but it took the scene several years to figure out, so it’s not entirely intuitive.


Lane Manipulation is a crucial skill for all laners, whatever your playing style is. But many players never learn it properly or try to implement it. Here is a basic introduction to how it works.

Lane Manipulation: Key Takeaway

  • Lane manipulation is a complex macro concept
  • Few people know about it and even fewer know how to use it
  • You should know when and how you should control your wave, not just constantly hard push
  • You can set up ganks, roams, dives, vision and recalls without losing anything by controlling the wave
  • When understood, it is a very useful tool to control the lane and the game

We’ll start with some general concepts that are necessary to understand before going into specific lane manipulation. 

Focus Fire and Pulling

One wave manipulation tool is to make minions focus fire by pulling the wave, which means taking aggro and resetting it. This makes all minions focus on the same target after they reset, which will make them kill those minions very quickly and naturally start to push into you. Easiest way to force them to focus fire is to tank the minions by standing in front of them before they hit the wave and then reset by going into a bush.

Bounce and Distance

A bounce refers to the fact that when a minion wave crashes into a turret, it will naturally slow push to the other side due to being farther up in the lane. As the further up you are in lane, the more minions you need in a wave to counteract the faster reinforcements. The minions will also focus fire after killing your minions under turret. Both these factors essentially guarantee a push back.

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Fast Pushing/Hard Pushing

Fast pushing or hard pushing merely means to quickly kill the wave, getting your minions under the opponents turret. It is what people tend to do naturally. It is good if you want to keep your opponent under turret to harass them, to have priority or if  you need to quickly recall or get vision. But it is certainly overused — there is often no reason to hard push into your opponent and risk getting ganked or having your wave frozen, when instead you could let your opponent push in or hold the wave on your side of the lane.


This is probably what you have heard about the most or you have perhaps suffered from someone doing it to you in a lane. Freezing is the act of ‘freezing’ the minion wave at a specific spot in the lane, usually done a bit in front of your own turret. This makes you very safe against ganks and makes it hard for the opponent to take cs and harass you since you and your minions will be very close to your turret.

Freezing is most easily done by leaving three caster minions alive and tanking them until your next wave arrives. But you can also thin crashing waves so as to make them have around a 3 caster advantage. The reason for 3 extra caster minions specifically is that if you have fewer, it can easily start to slowly push away from you by the fact that your wave arrives more quickly. The farther up in the lane you are trying to freeze, the more extra minions you need to keep alive to keep the freeze. You can also substitute some casters for a cannon.

The reasons for freezing is one, to make it difficult for the opponent to farm — especially for melee characters, where trying to kill ranged minions gets them almost under turret range, leaving them open to a gank as well. And two, it also puts you in a protected position as you can’t be tower dove or ganked.

The problem with freezing is that you give up lane priority — so it is not advised around objective timers or if you may need to help your team. Freezing can also be difficult to do without having control of the lane or if the opponent has strong wave-clear. It also helps to have inherent sustain when freezing as you may have to tank the minion hits.

Slow Pushing

Slow pushing refers to a slow building up of a minion wave that you can crash into the turret, which can become 2-3 waves large. The way to do this just to create a small push advantage, like through doing slightly more damage to the wave than your opponent or having the wave on your side of the map. By then not doing more damage to the wave than just last hitting, the wave pushes slowly enough that several waves will stack up. You can stack different amounts of minions in the wave depending on the distance to the enemy tower.

Why slow push? Slow pushes are relatively safe. They can start on your side of the lane and ramp up the closer you get to the opposing sides. This makes it harder to trade into you and even gank as you could potentially 1 vs 2 with 2 waves of minions. During a slow push you will also have more exp than your opponent as more of their minions have died, and at early levels you can even be two levels up when the wave crashes into the turret, giving you massive opportunities.

Slow pushes are ultimately done to either give you a longer timing window to roam, set up vision, recall or tower dive. This is due to the opponent having to clear the large wave under the turret and then the wave will bounce, so you can catch the next wave under your tower. You can also set up a slow wave ahead of time and then roam for objectives so the opponent has to choose between contesting the objectives or taking the wave. 

The downside is that slow pushes are very telegraphed so you are at risk of getting ganked when you try to get the wave under the turret as it will be on their side of the map, the opponent can also thin the wave and freeze it in front of the turret if you can’t get it to crash.

Wave manipulation is an underrated skill that is surprisingly complex and multifaceted. Even pros are negligent about it at times. As a laner, how you control the lane influences everything else — how safe you are from ganks, if your jungler can gank your lane, your roams, your priority and your farming.