Build Philosophy: Smite Mana Builds

Smite Mana Builds are a unique build strategy that borders on the insane… insanely fun that is! It’s a unique strategy that’s plain fun to play with.

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Key Takeaways for Smite Mana Builds

  • Smite Mana builds sound crazy in theory but are really effective in practice
  • These kinds of builds take a while to get going but are really strong in the late-game
  • Book of Thoth is an absolute “must-have” if you’re running a Mana builds
  • Tablet of Destines is another core item of Mana builds and synergizes really well with the Book of Thoth

Smite Mana builds sound like a crazy experiment that shouldn’t work. Stacking the maximum amount of Mana with no consideration for any of the other item stats? Why, surely that must be a mad thing to do! 

Wrong! It’s actually quite feasible, and on certain Gods, it’s actually preferable! It isn’t far-fetched to claim that different Gods benefit from different builds. It’s just that people much too often get bogged down in what the current meta is that they forget to experiment and have fun with their builds.

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The Most Important Mana Build Items

Book of Thoth

Smite Mana Builds Book of Thoth

You can’t have a Mana builds without this item. No, I don’t mean that as a metaphor, I mean it quite literally! The Book of Thoth is instrumental if you’re running a Mana build, its passive is the thing that gives you the most benefits when running a Mana build.

The Book of Thoth gives you +70 MP, +250 Mana, and +20 MP5. Furthermore, its passive gives you 7 Mana per stack, up to a maximum of 75 stacks. At maximum stacks, this item evolves and gives you +10 Magical Penetration, plus an increase to the amount of Magical Power you get per Mana %. 

When it comes to Smite Mana builds, this item is as “core” as core gets. You can find substitutes for most items in the game, except for this one.

Tablet of Destinies

Tablet of Destinies

I see great fortunes in your future, yes! The tablet tells me you will receive a call very soon, this call will be very important for your future. The Tablet of Destinies has decreed, you will receive a call about your… extended car warranty! 

Tablet of Destinies gives you +90 MP, +150 Health, and +300 Mana. Its passive also gives you stacks of Wisdom. Each stack of Wisdom makes your abilities deal 0.1% of your Max Mana as True Damage to enemy Gods. This caps out at 50 stacks, or 5% of your Max Mana as True Damage.

This item should also be considered a “core item” if you’re running Smite Mana builds. Probably not as important as the Book of Thoth, but a close second that should not be overlooked. 

Chronos’ Pendant

Chronos' Pendant

Ok, you have all that mana now. What are you going to do with it? Well, you’re probably going to be casting a lot of spells. That’s all fine and dandy, however, spells have a cooldown timer, and nobody likes a cooldown timer! 

Chronos’ Pendant gives you +100MP, +20MP5, and +20% Cooldown Reduction. Its passive also subtracts 1 second off any of your abilities currently on cooldown every 10 seconds.

This item is an all-around good item for any Mage really, but it really shines in Smite Mana builds. 

Archmage’s Gem

ARchmage's Gem

An ice cream sundae would be incomplete without the cherry on top, and the same is true for Smite Mana builds. The Archmage’s Gem is that cherry on top, as the stats it gives you are more than impressive by themselves but it’s the passive we’re really after.

Archmage’s Gem gives you +120MP, +200 Mana, and +25 MP5. Its passive gives you stacks of Demise every second, up to a maximum of 20 stacks. Each stack of Demise makes you deal an additional 1.5% of your Magical Power in damage to enemy gods.

When playing as a Mage, it’s a smart idea to start off any engagement with your most damage-dealing spell. This item makes that initial spell leave a mark that’ll have your enemies feeling it in the morning. 

The Perfect Mana Build in Smite

Perfect Mana Build

When it comes to Smite Mana builds, here’s the perfect one:

  • Archmage’s Gem
  • Book of Thoth
  • Tablet of Destinies
  • Chronos’ Pendant
  • Warlock’s Staff
  • Staff of Myrddin

Grab a Conduit Gem as a starter and hold on to it till you reach level 20 then upgrade it into an Archmage’s Gem. Your first core item should be the Book of Thoth, for all the reasons we mentioned earlier. Your second core item should be the Tablet of Destinies, and your third core item should be Chronos’ Pendant.

The final two items really are situational, but to get the most out of this build you should try and get the Warlock’s Staff and the Staff of Myrddin.