Build Philosophy: Smite Heal-Reduction Builds

Smite Heal-Reduction builds are a really weird concept. In general, heal-reduction items are situational at best, but absolutely necessary if the enemy’s support is proving to be a nuisance.

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Key Takeaways for Smite Heal-Reduction Builds

  • Heal-Reduction Builds are situational at best
  • Multiple Heal-Reduction do not stack with each other
  • Considering the fact that most “healers” in Smite are Mages, it’s a smart idea to also get some Magical Protection as well

Smite Heal-Reduction builds aren’t really “viable” in the traditional sense, as Heal-Reduction is one of the only item stats in Smite that doesn’t stack. This factor makes getting multiple Heal-Reduction items practically useless.

However, that doesn’t mean that all Heal-Reduction items are useless, quite the contrary. Heal-Reduction items are absolutely necessary if the enemy team has a strong support, as there’s nothing more frustrating than having a kill that’s within your grasp taken away from you.

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The Most Important Heal-Reduction Items


Smite Heal-Reduction Builds Pestilence

As far as Smite Heal-Reduction builds are concerned, Pestilence is probably the most important anti-healer item in the game. Seeing as most healers in Smite are either Mages or Guardians, this item is excellent for throwing a wrench in their plans.

Pestilence gives you +80 Magical Protection and +250 Health. Its passive also gives you an aura that reduces healing by 25% within 55 units of you. As an additional passive, each time an enemy damages you, their healing is further reduced by 5% per stack, which stacks up to 6 times for a total of 55% Healing Reduction.

If you have to get a Heal Reduction item, get this one. Not only does it give the most Healing Reduction in the game, but it also gives you Health and Magical Protection, which are essential for your survival.



This item is great for rounding up defensive builds, depending on the situation, of course. It doesn’t give as much Healing Reduction as Pestilence, but it does give you a bunch of other stats that are quite useful.

Contagion gives you +60 Physical Protection, +150 Health, +250 Mana, and +15 MP5. Its passive reduces enemy healing by 25% within 55 units of you. As an additional passive, each time you are hit by a hard CC, the enemy Gods near you take 25 Magical Damage per second.

If you find yourself struggling to output any damage as a tank, you should seriously consider getting this item. 

Divine Ruin

Divine Ruin

This item is really weird, all things considered. It’s a good Magical Power item, but definitely not the best. The Healing-Reduction amount it gives you however is quite attractive.

Divine Ruin gives you +100 MP and +15 Magical Penetration. Its passive reduces enemy healing by 40% while also releasing a chain of lightning to nearby enemies.

Obviously, certain Gods benefit more from this item than others. Mages, for example, will get a lot more use out of this than Guardians will. As Mages usually have abilities that are designed to be spammable.

Toxic Blade

Toxic Blade

We previously praised the Toxic Blade in our guide on the Attack Speed builds. Well, not only does it perform well in those builds, but it also performs well in Smite Heal-Reduction builds as well.

Toxic Blade gives you +100 Health, +15% Attack Speed, +10 Penetration, and +7% Movement Speed. Its passive also reduces the healing and attack speed of enemies hit by you while also increasing your own. 

It’s a great all-around item, the fact that it reduces healing is just a cherry on top.

The Perfect Heal-Reduction Build

Perfect Heal-Reduction build

As far as Smite Heal-Reduction builds are concerned, here’s the perfect one:

  • Heroism
  • Pestilence
  • Oni Hunter’s Garb
  • Heartward Amulet
  • Stone of Binding
  • Pridwen

Presuming that you’re going directly against the enemy healer, this is what you should build to counter them early on. Start with getting a Benevolence and upgrade it into a Heroism as soon as possible. Grab Pestilence as your first item. These 2 items are your core practically.

After those, simply get Oni Hunter’s Garb, Heartward Amulet, Stone of Binding, and Pridwen. Most of these items have an Aura that will help out your team in some significant way, which is how you counter a healer. Stronger teammates means more damage, more damage means that the enemy healer has to work overtime. The more work they have, the better!