Best Warzone 2 Loadouts: Ultimate Season 6 Guide [Updated]

Customizing your loadout is an essential part of the Warzone 2.0 experience. It’s important to understand the current loadout meta to give yourself every possible advantage. On this page we’ll break down the best warzone loadouts for season 6 of WZ2.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Lachmann Sub and ISO Hemlock are the current options for close and mid range.
  • The Cronen Squall received a nerf removing it from best option.
  • The KV Broadside still remains the top in the shotgun category despite being nerfed and other shotguns getting buffed.
  • The return of one shot sniping has made the MCPR-300 an S-Tier options
  • Three new weapons the Tempus RazorbackIso 45, and the Tonfa were released with the Season 4 update. The Tempus Razorback and Iso 45 look promising in early meta shifts.

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Update for Season 6

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With the arrival of WZ2 Season 6, the meta shifted, but perhaps not as drastically as some expected. The Lachmann Sub and ISO Hemlock still remain the top choices. And what guns have joined them in upper echelon on gun choices. There is still a lot to be seen, such as how the new weapons introduced with this season play a roll in the Warzone 2 competitive meta.

What are Warzone Loadouts?

Warzone 2.0 loadouts refers to a set of customizations that a player can make that will impact their weaponry selection and perk package selection. These customizations will have a large impact on playstyle but also competitiveness as the game meta changes (“meta” refers to strategies used for competitive play that are most effective). Players often seekout (and share) loadouts to keep up with the latest meta.

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In Warzone 2.0, a user can customize (follow links to detailed breakdowns of each):

  • Primary and secondary weapon selection
    • Weapon attachments (up to 5 at any time)
  • Tactical equipment
  • Lethal equipment
  • Perks packages

Warzone 2.0 Loadouts Tier list

Click each weapon to view complete loadout details, including recommended attachments and perks.

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TierWeaponWeapon Type
S-TierTempus RazorbackAR
S-TierISO Hemlock [Updated]AR
S-TierLachmann Sub [Updated]SMG
S-TierVaznev-9K [Updated]SMG
S-TierMCPR-300 [Updated]Sniper
S-TierCronen Squall [Updated]BR
A-TierSakin MG38 [Updated]LMG
A-TierFTAC Siege [Updated]Handgun
A-TierVictus XMR [Updated]Sniper
A-TierTAQ-56 [Updated]AR
A-TierVEL 46 [Updated]SMG
A-TierGS Magna [Updated]Handgun
A-TierTempus TorrentMarksman
A-TierTAQ-V [Updated]BR
A-TierRPK [Updated]LMG
A-TierFennec 45 [Updated]SMG
A-TierKastov 762 [Updated]AR
A-TierBasilisk [Updated]Handgun
A-TierM13B [Updated]AR
A-TierSignal 50 [Updated]Sniper
A-TierChimera [Updated]AR
A-TierM4 [Updated]AR
A-TierRAAL-MG [Updated]LMG
A-TierKastov-74U [Updated]AR
A-TierKV Broadside [Updated]Shotgun
B-TierX13 Auto [Updated]Handgun
B-TierSP-X 80 [Updated]Sniper
B-TierFSS HurricaneSMG
B-TierSTB 556 [Updated]AR
B-TierHCR 56 [Updated]LMG
B-TierBAS-P [Updated]SMG
B-TierKastov 545AR
B-Tier556 IcarusLMG
B-TierLA-B 330Sniper
B-TierRiot ShieldMelee
B-TierLockwood 300 [Updated]Shotgun
C-TierBryson 800 [Updated]Shotgun
C-TierSP-R 208 [Updated]Marksman
C-TierExpedite 12 [Updated]Shotgun
C-TierBryson 890 [Updated]Shotgun
C-TierSA-B 50 [Updated]Marksman
C-Tier.50 GSHandgun
D-TierFTAC ReconBR
D-TierLockwood MK2Marksman
D-TierCombat KnifeMelee

Considerations when choosing your loadout for Warzone 2.0

Many warzone veterans have commented that Warzone 2.0 players more like a traditional Battle Royale-style (methodical and often slow-paced) game than the original warzone, especially if you were a Resurgence regular. Currently, the only map available, Al Mazrah, is fairly large and will advantage certain playstyles (long range rifles and snipers). In addition to the larger map, players have remarked that TTK (time to kill) is short, which make features like low recoil and short ADS (aim down sites) critical to success in Warzone 2.0. It’s definitely worthwhile to get a few drops in to grab some first hand experience before trying to wrap your head around optimizing your loadouts.

As Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 are still fairly new, it may take you a while to grind out all your attachments. This is a great opportunity to try out different playstyles and primary weapons to see what feels right for you.

If you want to take weapon customization to the limit then be sure to checkout our guide on how to grind out gun camos as fast as possible.

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