Best Pubg Erangel Landing Spots for Aggressive Players

Discover the top 5 landing spots on PUBG Erangel map for aggressive players to enhance their adventure, including Pochinki, George Pool, Military Base, Novorepnoye, and Rozok. Find out their advantages, disadvantages, and optimal strategies for a more successful gameplay experience.

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The Erangel map is set to escalate the battle royale escapade, with its dimensions of eight square kilometres (8×8 km) emanating in more fights with a 100-player lobby in each match which boosts the thrilling adventures of players. While there is ample information out there regarding the best strategies for vanquishing the battle royale in PUBG, Erangel landing spots may be one of the most highly debated. There are numerous proven strategies that promise triumph for anyone with the skill to execute. Let’s start!
Not all people play PUBG to unlock chicken dinner and have a victory. Some play PUBG for entertainment purposes most commonly known to be aggressive players. Aggressive players love to play in those locations where they find a great chance to fight. Here are aggressive players’ guidelines to enhance the adventure. Ready!

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Top Erangel Landing Spots for Aggressive Players

Aggressive players! Are you ready for fights with great loot in Erangel landing spots? Follow these mentioned tips to make the game more adventurous. Let’s get started!

Erangel landing spot : Pochinki:

Advantage :

  • Best Loot: Lager town in the Eragel map offers more loot including weapons, armor, and essential suppliers which can give you an advantage in battles.
  • High player density: High traffic area as most players land there, increasing your chance of gaining kills.

Disadvantage :

  • High risk: Most players land in Pochinki so there might be a great fight at the start of the match. If you are not skilled you might be killed early in the match
  • Higher competition for loot: No doubt Pochinki offers great loot but due to higher player density someone may not find good loot and take a disadvantage.
Erangel landing spot
  • school: Large multi-story buildings offer more loot, especially armor, and weapon.
  • Warehouse: A set of large buildings offers good loot, especially weapons, and attachments.
  • Apartments: Multistory residual buildings offers a handsome loot of weapons, attachment, and supplies.

Optimal strategies for aggressive players:

  • Use Close quarter combat skills: Use close-range weapons to fight in a tight space. Be Aware of your surroundings and listen to your footsteps.
  • Play aggressively but smartly: Take wise decisions and smart risks. Keep an eye on the circle and plan your rotations to stay within the safe zone while continuing to engage in fights.

Erangel landing spot: George pool:

Advantages :

  • Lower play density: Less populated than Pochinki.Offers less initial competition for loot increases the survival chance of the player in the early game.
  • Loot from the defeated enemy: Due to its relatively lower player density. Players have a chance to loot from defeated enemies for additional suppliers.

Disadvantage :

  • Limited cover in open areas: While Georgepool has covered in the form of buildings, it has open areas with almost coverage that can direct the player toward enemies’ attack.
  • Outside of the safer zone: Georgepool is located towards the western edge of the Erangel map, meaning players who land there may need to travel long distances to reach the safe zone during circle rotations.
  • Power plant: Located towards the western side of Georgepool, the power plant has a large compound with multiple buildings and structures that can offer loot potential.
  • Georgepool Residential Area: The northern part of Georgepool has a residential area with houses that can provide loot, including weapons, attachments, and healing items.
  • Georgepool Containers: The container yard on the eastern side of Georgepool is another popular landing spot with numerous shipping containers that often contain loot.

Optimal strategies for aggressive players:

  • Quick Loot: As an aggressive player, prioritize looting quickly and efficiently. Move from building to building or container to container to gather weapons, armor, and other essential supplies as fast as possible.
  • Utilise Verticality: Georgepool has multiple multi-story buildings and structures. Take advantage of a verticality strategy like Climbing on roofs, balconies, and elevated positions to keep an eye on enemies.

Erangel landing spot: Military Base:

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  • Fewer Players: Not as populated as Pochiki.Aggressive players can take loot easily while fighting with a few players to enhance their chances of survival in the initial stage.
  • High Loot Potential: Military base is known for high loot potential. Landing here can quickly gear you up and give you an advantage over other players in terms of firepower and defense.

Disadvantages :

  • Vulnerability to airstrikes: In the Erangel map, the military base is designated to be a red zone. Players caught in this zone while looting or fighting with enemies are at high risk of elimination.
  • Longer looting time: A military base is a place of multiple buildings which offer more loot. Despite this, it offers a disadvantage in fast-paced matches, as players who remain busy looting find less chance of fighting and getting into a safer zone.
  • Watchtowers: It is located in various places and offers elevated vantage points for looting and fighting. Watchtowers can be advantageous for scouting and planning your next move.
  • Control Tower: The control tower is a tall structure located towards the northern end of the military base. It has multiple floors which offer great loot on each floor.

Optimal Strategies for Aggressive Players:

  • Land Fast and Secure a Weapon: Aggressive players should land in a military base area to secure weapons that help in later file with their opponents.
  • Use Vehicles to Your Advantage: Military base has a lot of vehicles scattered around, which can be used to your advantage. Utilize them for quick rotations, cover, or as a weapon to run over enemies.

Erangel Landing Spot: Novorepnoye:

Advantages :

  • High Loot Density: Novorepnoye is a land of high loot density that offers its players types of equipment including weapons, attachments, armor, and healing items
  • Unique Terrain: Novorepnoye has a unique terrain that includes warehouses, shipping containers, and a cargo ship, which can offer different playstyle opportunities.


  • Challenging Rotations: Novorepnoye is located on the southern coast of Angel. That indicates a long distance to travel toward a safer zone. A player might kill earlier in the game.
  • Depen Vehicles: Novorepnoye is far from a safer zone and provides an abundance of vehicles to travel. Yet this can take the attention of enemies and players stuck if vehicles get destroyed.
  • Cranes: There are multiple cranes in Novorepnoye that provide elevated positions to engage enemies from a distance. This offers a strategic playstyle for aggressive players.
  • Gas Station: You find a Gas station on the main road in Novorepnoye can be a less crowded spot with a moderate amount of loot. It can be a good place to quickly gear up before moving to other areas or engaging in fights

Optimal strategies for aggressive players.

  • Prioritise High-Quality Loot: Aggressive players can get high-quality loot like level 3 armor and other powerful weapons. Look for supply drops and airdrops to increase the chance of survival.
  • Be Mindful of Third-party Encounters: Novorepnoye’s high player density can attract other third-party fights or engage in battles after you’ve finished Keep an eye on your surroundings and be prepared.

Playing aggressively is so much more enjoyable and rewarding than spending 20 minutes sneaking around only to die without firing a single shot.

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In summary, choosing the right landing spot on the Erangel map in PUBG is crucial for loot availability, player density, positioning, terrain, and cover. It can greatly impact a player’s chances of survival, success, and overall gameplay experience in the game. Properly assessing the advantages and disadvantages of different landing spots and aligning them with one’s playstyle and team strategy can lead to a more strategic and successful gameplay experience on Erangel.
Aggressive players! Try out these recommended landing spots and share your thrilling experiences in the comments section below. We would love to hear about your adventures and strategies in the game.