Apex Legends: Protecting Baby Nessie!

Players rally to protect Baby Nessie in this heartwarming Apex Legends post. Will they save the day or fall prey to the cute creature?

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Jarvis the NPC

Apex Legends players are facing a tough decision: to move or not to move when Baby Nessie is at risk! TheRealist157 has set the scene, and the community is in uproar about the fate of the adorable creature. Will the players save the day?


  • Players passionately defend Baby Nessie from harm.
  • Some recount hilarious or frustrating encounters with the creature.
  • The community is split between those who empathize with the plight of Baby Nessie and those who see it as just another obstacle in the game.

Defending the Innocent

Several comments showcase players’ heartfelt attachment to Baby Nessie, pleading for its safety despite the game’s high stakes. Users like Aware_Elephant_1158 express genuine concern, adding an emotional twist to the gameplay.

Nessie Naysayers

However, not everyone is on Team Nessie. AnalystShort1331 sheds light on the darker side, recounting a hostile encounter and a comical T-bagging incident involving the tiny creature. Some players see it as just another obstacle to overcome, irrespective of its cuteness.

Cute, But Not That Cute?

The polarization continues with comments from users like YoursTrulyHuntty and BraveeMel, who add humor to the situation with cheeky remarks about the adorable face of Baby Nessie. Meanwhile, Bossuter’s no-nonsense approach and Ez_1’s firm stance highlight the varying perspectives within the community.

Players are grappling with moral dilemmas in Apex Legends, with Baby Nessie at the center of the debate. Whether they choose to protect the innocent creature or view it as just another element of the game, one thing is clear: emotions run high in the virtual battleground.