Unlocking All Modern Warfare 3 Mastery Camos: Ultimate Guide

The complete guide to Modern Warfare 3 Camo Challenges. See what you need to accomplish to unlock all MW3 Mastery Camos.

Best TR-76 Geist Loadout: Modern Warfare 3 & Warzone 2

The TR-76 Geist is currently an S-Tier weapon in the MW3 meta and an S-Tier weapon in the WZ2 meta. We breakdown the best TR-76 Geist loadouts and builds, how to unlock the TR-76 Geist, and how to complete TR-76 Geist camo challenges.

Best ISO 9mm Loadout: Modern Warfare 3 & Warzone 2

The ISO 9mm is currently an A-Tier weapon in the MW3 meta and an S-Tier weapon in the WZ2 meta. We breakdown the best ISO 9mm loadouts and builds, how to unlock the ISO 9mm, and how to complete ISO 9mm camo challenges.

Smite Chang’e Guide: Faerie of the Moon

Welcome to our Smite Chang’e Guide. Chang’e, the Faerie of the Moon; even though Chang’e doesn’t look intimidating at all, trust me, she’s a monster!

Smite Ah Puch Guide: Horrific God of Decay

Welcome to our Smite Ah Puch Guide. Ah Puch, the Horrific God of Decay. With a name like that I’m sure he’s all about the nice things in life… right?

Smite Sun Wukong Guide: The Monkey King

Welcome to our Smite Sun Wukong Guide. Sun Wukong, The Monkey King; he really likes to get around, as you can find him in almost every MOBA nowadays.

Smite Arachne Guide: The Weaver

Welcome to our Smite Arachne Guide. Arachne, The Weaver. Mythology’s greatest example that human hubris has no end.

Smite Xbalanque Guide: Hidden Jaguar God

Welcome to our Smite Xbalanque Guide. Xbalanque, the Hidden Jaguar God. He is definitely not someone you want to see the moment you stick your head in a bush.

The Best Smite Gods Ranked

Not all Gods are created equal, that is why today we will be giving you a list of the best Smite Gods and the ones that are not as impressive.

Jungle Position Role Guide in League of Legends

Jungler is the red-headed stepchild of League roles, rarely appreciated and often blamed. Leading it to be the least played role.

Top Role Position Guide in League of Legends

Top is the role that plays on an island. For good or bad it is the role that interacts the least with the rest of the map.

Support Role Position Guide in League of Legends

The Support role differs from all the different roles and is the one where game knowledge matters the most.

ADC Role Position Guide in League of Legends

ADC s perhaps the role that has the least agency and impact on the map early on. It then becomes one of, if not the most impactful role in the mid-to-late game.

Mid Lane Position Role Guide in League of Legends

Mid is the lane with the most options and variety, it is the only role where you can play next to anything. The role for one-trick -ponies and jack-of-all-trades.

Smite Izanami Guide: Matron of the Dead

Welcome to our Smite Izanami Guide. Izanami, the Matron of the Dead. She’s bound to give you more than just a cold shoulder.

Smite Bacchus Guide: the God of Wine

Welcome to our Smite Bacchus Guide. Bacchus, the God of Wine. Now there’s a deity that I can get behind!

Smite Warriors Guide

Welcome to our Smite Warriors Guide. Warriors are the perfect class for you if you enjoy a more confrontational playstyle.

Smite Guardians Guide

Welcome to our Smite Guardians Guide. The Guardian class is the Tank of Smite, a role people detest playing, but an essential one indeed.

Smite Assassins Guide

Welcome to our Smite Assassins Guide. Assassins are the most high-risk, high-reward class of Gods in the game. I.e, they’re the most fun to play.

Smite Chronos Guide: the Keeper of Time

Welcome to our Smite Chronos Guide. Chronos, the Keeper of Time; coincidentally, a very hungry guy as well.

Smite Baron Samedi Guide: the God of Life and Death

Welcome to our Smite Baron Samedi Guide. It’s unusual for Haitian folklore to be depicted in games, and in that regard, Smite does Baron Samedi justice.

Smite Shiva Guide: the Destroyer

Welcome to our Smite Shiva Guide. Shiva, the Destroyer; sounds like a lovely lad, doesn’t he? Well, that title is anything but an understatement.

Smite Guan Yu Guide: the Saint of War

Welcome to our Smite Guan Yu Guide. Guan Yu was once a man just like you and I, yet, it was his mastery of war that elevated him to godhood.