Bring your squad. Play for keeps.
Compete for cash and bragging rights in  Halo tournaments with skill-based divisions.
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Enter free or cash Halo tournaments against players that match your skill level.

Divisions are
actually fair

Our algorithm uses historical game data to place you — or your team — in a division of Halo players who match your skill level.

See how divisions work

Every division gets awarded

Each division has the same prizes for top finishers. You or your team will be placed in a division that matches your skill level.

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Live scoreboard

Play in public Halo matches like you normally do. The scoreboard keeps you and your team updated during the game.



Before prizes are awarded, our cheat-detection system analyzes every game for hacks, reverse-boosting, and other signs of cheating. Cheaters never win here.

Fair competition is more fun

Compete in fair divisions to win cash, credits, or bragging rights.

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